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Management Informaion System (MIS)

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Components of MIS:

1. Users Management: MIS has gotten state of the art role based user management that each user can have access only to the pages and/or reports that they are authorized based on their roles.
2. Chart of Account: The standard chart of account of MIS is designed in a way that can handle multi-project, multi-fund and multi-donor programs.
3. Budget : Based on the chart of accounts the budgets are managed and the system never allows any over budgeting expenditures. Moreover the budget section is maintaining monthly allotment of each LLCs and prevents any over expenditure or over requisition of LLCs.
4. Expenditures: The expenditure module keeps record of any expenses, for each expenses there must be a pre-approved request, purchase order or contract based on the regulations in the system. System cannot process expenditures without a purchase request. If it is LLC's expenditure, it will be deducted from the LLC allotment. If any inventory item is purchased, a copy of the transaction record will go to inventory system for inventory keeping of the related location.
5. Inventory : The system can keep record of any inventory item purchased, or received from any outside resources. Once an inventory item comes to the system, it will be issued to staff and it will remain in the system forever.
6. Payroll : Based on the HR attendance reports and staff contracts, monthly payroll is automatically prepared, taxes are calculated based on the tax laws and system generates banks transfer and tax transfer reports. The payroll system has gotten an automatic monthly closing that the payroll of each employee is archived on monthly bases. Reports of payroll of the whole career of staff will be available to them online.
7. Cash Management : This manages and records office petty cash: a. Reciepts, b. Disbursemenst and c. Advances. a. Cash Recipts: Any cash amount recieved in office will be recorded by reference cash recipts will be generated and printed. b. Disbursements: Any approved paymente voucher thats its payment mode is cash will be listed to the cashier for clearance, and the cashier will be rcording the disbursement. c. Advances: Cash advances for any resoan will be recorded through this system and advance sheets will be printed and approved by Project Manager or his deputy. This module generates two reports: I. the cashbook that provides us all detial opeining ballance,Ins/Outs, and closing balance of cash for the selected period of time. II. Advances/Balance: This reports provides us all details of cash advances and the cashbook balance and finally the cash on hand. So any time the cashier must have the cash-on-hand amount available at the safe.
7. HR : In the HR system there is a contract management part that keeps record of staff profile both soft records of staff transitions in SDROA and hard copies of HR documents. Also an automatic attendance report is available in the system that each employee must electronically sign if employees cannot do the job their supervisors can sign for them. At the end of the month the supervisor of LLC will electronically endorse the attendance sheet to the HR officer for verification, then HR processes the reporting and closing of current month and opening of next month for the staff.
8. Reporting: The system brings in, state of the art reporting facilities, that instantaneous reports can be retrieved by users based on their privileges.

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